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FY2007 Master Theses
1. HIROKI Yu, gDevelopment of the Navigation, Guidance and Control System for Winged Test Rocket"
2. FUJIE Satoshi, gViolation of Kutta Condition of NACA0012 Aerofoil at Low Reynolds Numbersh
3. HOSHINO Motoki, gFundamental Study of Rectenna for Mars Exploration Airplane Using Microwave Power Transmissionh
Bachelor Theses
1. Okubo Masayuki, gNumerical Computation Method Trajectory optimization of Space Transportation using initial solution by GAh
2. SATO Takaya, gReynolds Number Effect on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wings Using Variable-Pressure Wind Tunnelh
3. SHIDOOKA Takuya, gDevelopment of NGC System on Winged Test Rocket and Flight Simulatorh
4. TSUDA Yasuhiro, gSynthesis of Parafoil 9 DOF Equations of Motion and its Flight Simulationh
5. TAMAMOTO Yuta, gPreliminary Research on High Hydrogen Gas Barrier Characteristics of CFRP/Ceramicsh
FY2006 Bachelor Theses
1. OSHIKATA Yusuke, gObservation of Air-Water Phased Propulsion Flow for Water Rocketh
2. KAJI Shigeru, SHIDA Itaru, gDevelopment and Flight Experiments of Small Scaled Winged Test Rocket"
3. TAKAFUJI Hiroyuki, gLift to Drag Characteristics of Three Dimensional Wing at Low Reynolds Number Using Small Variable-Pressure Wind Tunnelh
4. TSUKINARI Yuki, gQuasi-Optimal Guidance Law for Rocket and Verification of Flight Simulationh
FY2005 Bachelor Theses
1. ISHII Makiko, gComparison and Verification of Various Optimal Guidance Methods for Rocket Launch Considering Gravity Effect"
2. KAMIYA Toshihiro, HIROKI Yu, gDevelopment and Flight Experiments of Small Scaled Winged Reusable Sounding Test Rocket"
3. KAWAZOE Koichiro, gComeback Flight Trajectory and Guidance Method of Small Scaled Winged Reusable Sounding Test Rocket"

FUJIE Satoshi, gConsideration on Multi-circular Reentry Trajectory Characteristics and Low Aerodynamic Heat Load Flighth

5. HOSHINO Motoki, gPreliminary Development of Ultra-micro Plane Propelled by Micro Wave Energy Transmissionh