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Space Robotics Lab. (Nagaoka Lab., Kyushu Institute of Technology) starts in April 2019.

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Our Vision SPACE ROBOTICS pioneers new space exploration

Space Robotics Lab. aims to produce robotics technology that allows to lead new frontiers in future space exploration. Space is a harsh and extreme environment that has a greater risk to humans, and thereby robotics technologies are necessary for space development. Space robotics and mechatronics can achieve more challenging missions, such as orbital service, lunar and planetary exploration, and space utilization, in addition to enhancement of a human activity. Such space robotics technologies will be able to apply to various ground applications in natural, extreme environments (defined as not artificial environments), such as disaster sites, active volcanoes, deep-sea, mountains, cliffs, or caves.

Space Robotics Lab. (Nagaoka Lab.)

Space Robotics Lab. (Nagaoka Lab.)